Product FAQs

How long does it take to get my store?
24 hours after you fill out your order form we'll email you to let you know your store is complete. After purchasing, you own 100% rights to the site and our team are here to help you.

Do you charge any on going monthly fees?
Nope! Our service is a one off payment & we transfer a fully functional Shopify Store to you. Shopify charge a monthly fee for running a store on their platform. The basic plan is $29/mo (which we recommend for getting started)

Do you help with marketing and advertising?
At this time, we don't offer a marketing service.

I already have a Shopify store, can you help me customize it?
We would love to! Just contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!

Why I should buy From
We're Shopify Partners. We build stores on a daily basis for clients.. By letting IYEEY build your online store, you cut out so much work for yourself and get to focus on selling!

Does IYEEY offer refunds?
As per our terms of service, we have a no refund policy. We sell a digital service and therefore once an order is placed, we can't issue a refund. We know you will be happy with your store & we'll make sure of that.