The Man Stepped Into A Cage of Pythons, He Is Amazed When The Snake Bites Him

#1 Meet Jay

When we talk about fears, often in the top 10 is the fear of snakes. And it’s easy to understand why — they’re slippery, they’re venomous and their unpredictable. For Jay Brewer, who is a fan of snakes, he thought he could take his appreciation a step further, but the snakes weren’t having it.






#2 Snake Pit

Brewer is a snake owner and has a few in his home. So when he decided to entire a pit filled with PYTHONS, he thought his knowledge would keep him safe and comfortable in this confined space.





#3 Avoiding Bites

In the video, these white pythons continue to try to bite Brewer as he swipes their attempts away from his face.Instead, he tries to be humorous by asking viewers about their interest in snakes.




#4 He Loves the Snakes

As soon as he sits down in the pit, he seems to get quite comfortable as the snakes don’t pay him any mind. It’s only until another snake starts hissing does Brewer realize that he’s in trouble! He said he enjoys snakes a lot and that he won’t stop filming videos like these even though the experience looks terrifying.




#5 Watch It HERE

Take a look at Jay’s interaction with the snakes here as he enters the pit. Mind you, these snakes are hundreds of pounds and are Pythons who have ridiculously sharp fangs. While the video is terrifying for viewers, we have to commend Jay on his composure and patience with the experience.